John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

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Team Books In Print. Right.

For one, the smell. To be specific, semi-old books in second-hand bookstores. And the library. Especially the library. Seriously, just breathing in their haunting almond-like scent…

Next, the look. In inked glory. Get a kick out of out of book cover illustrations.

Sidetrack: Chaotic organization at its best.

And then, long-winded touch-base.


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How I Found My Voice

Writing has always been a passion that equals my passion for reading. My attempts might not pass for a Nobel Prize nod, but they were written by me, and that fact makes them my prized possessions.

After I set up the foundations of this blog, I was finally ready to start writing away.

But: It didn’t happen.

I was constantly reworking my posts! I was not feeling inspired. It was painful trying to get started on writing a single sentence without leaving it alone.

This was an honest surprise to me. Since I was 11, I knew that I would become a writer someday. Not a perfect one, but still a writer.

Then, I realized that the reason I couldn’t write was my failure to let my personal writing voice speak up.

I have been devouring books since I was six, and I have not stopped since. Twenty-seven years later, while breathing life into this blog, I guess I’ve been subconsciously speaking my favorite author’s voices as if they were part of mine. I’m not sure, but at one point I may have attempted (unsuccessfully) a feminist tone like Sara Paretsky’s. Or was I trying to capture Susan Isaacs’ sardonic style? My own voice got trampled along the reading trail.

The realization that I was actually writing to impress was a letdown.

Then and there, I decided to finally get my thoughts across a page, to write immediately whatever comes to mind, to keep from editing or styling the words in my head before I even write them.

I think it worked.

Happy new year!

How I Found My Voice

Write Up My Alley

It has always been my aspiration to be a writer.

It didn’t matter what kind of writer I would become.

I could be a book author, an essay writer, a newspaper columnist, or a magazine contributor (although this last option was what interested me most).

For a very long  time, I allowed myself to have a long-term self-professed writer’s block.

I got caught up with life. I did a great job convincing myself that I just did not have the time to write.

But in my heart of hearts, even if my writing is far from perfect, I knew I will write someday. That time just hasn’t presented itself to me yet.

Until now. 🙂

Write Up My Alley